Hair Removal Journey | Hairy to Hairless

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Being hairy, definitely isn’t something to be ashamed of. Removing the hair? Nah. I am not going against the nature, I just want it to be ideally structured and why not when there is an existing way to? I guess everyone of us has the right to enhance or even alter some part on our body which we are not satisfied about. That’s the invention of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery for. Hell, they earn bloody much of money from women.

I don’t want it to be that hairy. I just don’t like it that way. I think it isn’t that pleasure for guys or even myself to look at. Hairy feet revealing under the dress may be sexy? Either I don’t feel comfortable to reveal my hairy feet, like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post.
Some of you may take it as an acceptance of the nature, because it is just body hair, but excessively grown. Sort of ‘I’m born this way’. You may like it that way. But I don’t and I search for a way to change it.
1Hairy Feet

So, for the very first time, I am revealing my unshaved full feet in my blog. I WAS this hairy two months ago. 2

Before sharing my journey with Sumuzu Hair Removal, I would love to show my appreciation towards Ido’s Clinic in the past two months.

3Ido’s Clinic Kota Damansara

All the staffs were so kind in helping me and always patiently answering all my doubts. I have actually gone through 2 sessions of the Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment, another 1 last session to go on next month.


After a detailed consultation about the whole treatment briefing, I was led into a room. It was clean, spacious and without any chemical scent. It wasn’t look like an operational room, as music will be played throughout the treatment procedures.



Step 1: Fully shave your feet a day before the treatment. 
The consultant advised to shave the feet a day before the treatment as everyone of us know detailed shaving is time-consuming, especially full feet. Shaving, somehow hurt the feet on the skin layer. So, it’s best to do it a day before the treatment to reduce the fragility of the skin.
Step 2: Applying Cooling Gel 
Cooling gel helps to cool down while protecting the skin.
There wasn’t any particular feeling when the cooling gel attached to the skin. It was cool and comfortable, without any sticky nor greasy feeling.
Step 3: Get started with Koolite
‘Koolite’ machine was the main highlight for the whole Sumuzu treatment. The mechanism is pretty simple. Koolite uses wavelength that helps delivering energy to selectively heat up the melanin in hair follicle. It can damage hair follicles without causing any major injury to the surrounding tissues.
Sumuzu Hair Removal
As mentioned in previous post, Sumuzu is so much faster and less painful comparing to others hair removal method.
You can see how much I enjoyed throughout the treatment.
I can even take selfies, take videos and sleep during the treatment! 12
Step 4: Post Care – Apply Lotion
It’s important to always apply lotion, especially after undergoing any hair removal procedures, as it helps nourishing the skin, giving it full moisture while sooth the skin. After the treatment, I have developed a habit of applying lotion daily after shower or right before going to bed.

For more about the treatment, you may check the video below:



Before Treatment
Obviously, it was a huge pair of caterpillars months ago.
After 1st Treatment
The follicles were still looking large, there were some red blemishes and I felt the dryness on my skin as a result of shaving on the spot instead of a day before the treatment. My bad!
Sincerely, for the 1st session, it was a bit painful but not as painful as waxing, it was something like ant biting. It wasn’t like the whole leg was pain nor heaty, it was sort of electrical shot, a bit here and there when the machine roll passed. It was normal for the first time. It did cause some redness on my skin but it diminished super fast! Again, the consequences of not shaving a day before! My skin was so dry and itchy right after the treatment.
My body hair usually grows very fast, hormone maybe? But after the treatment, I realized my hairs were growing slower, softer and thinner! The hairs weren’t as visible like previous and it wasn’t fully grown even after a month.
After 2nd Treatment
The follicles and redness have obviously reduced. My feet were way fairer and smoother compare to 1st treatment! I started to realize that it did tighten my skin as well.
For the 2nd session, I felt nothing LOL. No pain, no itchiness,  no dryness. I was so enjoy during the treatment until I almost felt asleep! See, it’s good to shave a day before LOL.
Sumuzu Hair removal
Time                       : About 1 hour (For both full leg)
Pain Level              : 0.5 /5
Effectiveness         :  4.5 /5
Area of treatment: Under arm, Arm, Feet and Bikini Area
Benefit                   : Reduce accumulation of melanin and size of hair follicles, Whitening and Brightening, Smoothing, Tightening
Price                       : RM 300-900 (Per session)

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